WATIC: Pop-Punk and Proud

We Are The In Crowd’s latest effort, Weird Kids, is an enjoyable collection of pop-punk jams.  Listening to the disc, it is clear that WATIC is eyeing a larger audience.  However, the band successfully finds a balance of making a slicker and bigger album without it coming off as soulless.  The band wears their influences on its sleeve. For instance, the album opens with the Black Parade-era-MCR-flavored “Long Live The Kids”.  The song starts off slow before building into an energetic rocker with a big chorus.  “Manners” recalls Taking Back Sunday minus the screaming.  Having toured with Yellowcard and All Time Low, songs like “Reflections” and the album's highlight “The Best Thing (That Never Happened)” show that some of their influence rubbed off in the album’s writing as well.  We Are The In Crowd have not rewritten the pop-punk rulebook, but instead of have just continued to perfect its craft and mold its sound.  The male/female vocal trade off between singers Tay Jardine and Jordan Eckes is strong and distinguishes WATIC from the above-mentioned bands.  On the whole, there is a not a bad song on this album.  Of the up-and-coming bands waving the pop-punk flag, We Are The In Crowd is one of the best.  So if punk-pop is your thing, so are these “weird kids”.
Essential tracks: “The Best Thing (That Never Happened)”, “Long Live The Kids” & “Come Back Home”.

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