Dan Miraldi is a two-time John Lennon Songwriting Contest Award-Winning Songwriter.
- 2015 Finalist "Junkie Friend" (Best Folk Song)
- 2010 Finalist "The Holy Roller Stone Revival" (Best Rock Song)

Huffington Post on Love Under Fire:

“Uplifting, hard-hitting, and relevant.” – Lucy Binetti, Huff Post

Shindig Magazine on Alphabet City 2 AM

★★★★ - Despite the powerpop/melodic rock leanings, most of the songs on Alphabet City 2 AM demand that you listen to the lyrics, as they're very evocative and personal.” - David Bash, Shindig Magazine

Earmilk reviewing More Mood Music:

“With this piece, he has honed in on a solid folk-pop sound, and it has a clear positive impact on his music. Miraldi doesn’t rely on intricate parts or complicated riffs to capture the listener’s attention, all it takes are his masterfully-arranged song structures and smart chord changes. His talents as a lyricist shine especially on tracks such as “Tequila Meets Gin” and “I Tried,” the latter of which is the most radio-friendly piece, as it is reminiscent of contemporary indie-folk icons like Caamp. That track also demonstrates a clearly arranged finale to the song, giving the EP almost more of an album feel. Overall, More Mood Music is Miraldi’s best work so far on account of its cohesiveness and ability to utilize minimalism effectively.” - Sarah Wagner, Earmilk

Pop Matters

“Stirring rock anthems” – Jonathan Frahm, PopMatters

Dan Miraldi is one of the Plain Dealer and Cleveland.com’s “25 Bands To Watch.”

Dan Miraldi's album Chaos, Destruction & Dancing was one of the "30 Best Albums of 2015" by Cleveland Music City.

Dan Miraldi's song "Record Collection" won WMMS 100.7's Roverfest 2013 Original Band Contest.

Dan Miraldi's song "Road Warrior" was #30 on WBWC 88.3 FM's "Top 88 of 2012"

Alternative Press
"Rocks like the White Stripes, the Black Keys and the Kills." - Kristen Swanson, Alternative Press

B-Sides & Bandlands on Love Under Fire

“Miraldi thwarts all disillusionments, empowering marginalized individuals of every creed, sexuality, gender identity and skin color to join hands in the fight.” – Jason Scott, B-sides & Badlands

BabySue.com's Review of Love Under Fire

“This gripping EP presents six tracks that are energetic, inspired, heartfelt, and insanely addictive. We highly recommend everything thus far released by this exceedingly talented fellow. Top pick.” – BabySue.com

Ripple Effect Review of Chaos, Destruction & Dancing

“One of the highest compliments I can offer Dan Miraldi is that he takes all of these vintage as well as modern reference points and creates songs that are entirely his own. While this quality was evident in his work five years ago when I first listened to him, the songs on C,D&D take this approach and hone it to a razor sharp edge.  This is a singer/songwriter who has reached full maturity and we are all beneficiaries of the resultant musical output.” – Penfold, The Ripple Effect

Substream Magazine: "Dan Miraldi’s “Demon Baby” video is Jack White crossed with James Bond"

"Born and raised in Cleveland but currently calling New York City home, singer/songwriter Dan Miraldi‘s new album, Chaos, Destruction & Dancing is a nice mixture of rock ’n’ roll influences both old and new. On one track, you might hear the Beatles; on another, a line to Nate Ruess of fun. could be drawn. But today, we’re debuting the music video for the album’s first track, “Demon Baby.” The song is already a Jack White-esque blues-rock stomper, but the video for it takes it to a new level with a James Bond-inspired storyline." - Scott Heisel, Substream Magazine

BabySue.com Review of Chaos, Destruction & Dancing

Ahhhh...now this is one we've been waiting for. This is what commercial pop/rock ought to sound like in 2015. Dan Miraldi is one of those underground folks out there who has true star quality. This one spins like a collection of oughta-be hits. Miraldi's songs have that cool classic pop/rock sound that could easily appeal to millions of listeners. With the right luck and timing, this guy could find himself played to huge crowds. He has a personality and presence that come through loud and clear in these tunes. Once again, this guy's music totally blows us away.” -BabySue.com

Loud In Cleveland: Chaos, Destruction & Dancing

“Each song sounds very different. But Dan Miraldi has an uncanny talent to put different sounds together to create something that is an unmistakable representation of himself as a rock and roll songwriter and musician.” – Loud In Cleveland

Cleveland Magazine Review of Chaos, Destruction & Dancing

"Roaring off to an edgy start with "Demon Baby," Chaos, Destruction and Dancing shows the singer-songwriter exuding confidence of an artist who knows he's found his style. Don't skip "Junkie Friend," a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, that has us pressing replay as Miraldi chooses not to mourn but jubilantly celebrate the memory of a friend lost to heroin." - Cleveland Magazine

The Aquarian Weekly: "Dan Miraldi: Pouring Some Sugar"

"[On Sugar & Adrenaline], Miraldi has successfully managed to combine a mix of soft and adrenaline-pumping tracks that would reach out to both ends of the rock and roll spectrum in a single record." - Jakob Lipczyk, The Aquarian Weekly

Cleveland Magazine Review of Sugar & Adrenaline
"The Cleveland singer-songwriter’s new album brims with vintage rock swagger. Big guitars and pop hooks fuel songs like “Few Rock Harder” and “Record Collection,” but Miraldi shows his range here, too. Don’t miss the excellent organ-backed ballad “Helen of Troy.” - Cleveland Magazine

Cleveland Free Press Review of Sugar & Adrenaline 
"Each of the songs on the new Dan Miraldi album Sugar & Adrenaline is well-structured and well-played. The variety in the music on the album will satisfy the tastes of any rock music lover. If you have never heard of Dan Miraldi, check out this album and then check out the rest of his music library." - Matheson Kamin, Cleveland Free Press

The Daily News “In Tune” (Pittsburgh, PA): Dan Miraldi Sugar & Adrenaline
” 4 Stars- If he keeps making records as good as this, it’s only a matter of time until Miraldi becomes a household name.“ - Jeffrey Sisk, Managing Editor, The Daily News

Cleveland Magazine: “New Directions”
"Dan Miraldi calls on a variety of musical influences to develop a sound all his own on Rock N Roll Band! . . . a terrific five-song EP that adroitly veers from the pure power-pop sound of "You've Got to Hurry" to the snappy, retro-leaning vibe of "Give & Take," all the while establishing Miraldi as an up-and-coming act on the local scene.” – Jeff Niesel, Cleveland Magazine

Now This Rocks: Review of Sugar & Adrenaline

"If there was ever an album title more appropriate, I’m not aware of it. Ohio-based Dan Miraldi’s second full-length release is filled with energetically sweet melodies. You’ll hear him transition from 50s styled rock to modern rock throughout the new record, yet the magic is that Miraldi manages to somehow maintain his own identity. Things start with the thumping “Few Rock Harder”, which is a punchy anthem with plenty of crunch and attitude, but most important is the chorus hook that will have you humming for days. “The Runaround”, “Revenge”, and “Now Is The Right Time” are tasty numbers with smooth melodies and satisfying guitar riffs that sound very contemporary, but the surf organ in “I Fall In Love All Over Again” and the Monkees-like acoustic runs in “She Got Soul Part I” hark back to Miraldi’s love for vintage rock . . . come taste some of that sweet energy!" - Bill Sullivan, Now This Rocks!

Review of Sugar & Adrenaline

“[Dan Miraldi] has taken practically every pop lick there is and put them together into not just some outstanding songs, but into an outstanding album. Hear me here. Out. Standing. One time through Sugar & Adrenaline and I found myself listening to it again. Then again. And then again.  Miraldi has a real winner here.” – Frank Gutch Jr., Segarini: Don’t Believe A Word I Say

CoolCleveland.com Review of Sugar & Adrenaline

"[Miraldi's] songwriting seems to be heading in a bit more mature vein, and comes through on the last cut on the disc, a ballad titled “The Many Shades of Blue". I hope Miraldi keeps his band together and they keep going… I think they can go to some good places together." - Greg Cielec, CoolCleveland.com

BabySue.com's Review of Sugar & Adrenaline
"A straight shot of instantly catchy guitar-driven pop/rock from Cleveland, Ohio's Dan Miraldi. Dan isn't afraid of writing songs with hit potential. In fact, this album spins like a "best of" collection even though none of these songs are hits...yet. The crystal clear direct approach works, and Miraldi's got a voice and presence that really gives his music extra zest. There's plenty of personality to be found in these tunes...this young man's obviously getting a major kick out of making music." -BabySue.com

Pure Grain Audio on Dan Miraldi’s Rock N Roll Band EP
“One can hear hints of Beach Boys melodies, indie rock, and punk rock and even a bit of soul all adding up to an incredibly fun enjoying record.” – Bruce Moore, Pure Grain Audio

Sun News

"Miraldi’s songwriting is taking bolder steps, drawing on a blend of 1960s Americana pop and more contemporary rockers like Jack White and Bruce Springsteen.” – Eric Sandy, Sun News

The Ripple Effect

"I’m very happy to report that Mr. Miraldi’s new release picks up right where Tease left off. Vintage rock/pop fans rejoice!” – Penfold, The Ripple Effect

The Daily News “In Tune” (Pittsburgh, PA): Dan Miraldi “Rock N Roll Band” EP
“Miraldi has outdone himself on the new “Rock N Roll Band” EP. This five-track collection of tunes mixes elements of garage, punk and pop into an intriguing sonic stew – and commands our attention for the too-brief 15- minute run time. [Dan Miraldi is] an artist who definitely needs to be on your radar.” – Jeffery Sisk, Managing Editor, The Daily News

Now This ROCKS! Review: Dan Miraldi "Rock N Roll Band" [EP]

"Miraldi further whets the appetite for a full-length release with his new EP. His lyrics are whimsical fun, much like the retro beats that infiltrate the song structure he favors. Imagine if Bob Dylan and Elvis started a band together, then you’d have a pretty good idea as to what Dan Miraldi is all about." - Bill Sullivan, Now This ROCKS!

BVS Review: Dan Miraldi “Rock N Roll Band” EP

“Fun, smile effecting lyrics and hip-swaying, toe-tapping music is the mainstay of Dan Miraldi's style of rock. I really enjoyed the [Rock N Roll Band] EP, as it dipped into the vast well of rock-n- roll history and came up with a sound that spans several decades of great pop and rock music.” – Bruce Von Stiers, BVS Reviews

The Ripple Effect

"‘The Holy Roller Stone Revival’ kicks the tires and lights the fires immediately with a strong driving beat and vocals reminiscent of a powerful preacher lecturing his flock. Although I doubt that young Mr. Miraldi has in fact “…seen it all” as the lyrics suggest, he has certainly seen enough to create this rollicking song, with the call to join this particular revival too infectious to ignore. “Lucinda” comes next and offers a very pretty folksy ballad for your listening pleasure. The vocals are hauntingly clear and without any semblance of a whine. Very endearing. “Tease” brings the processional to an end with obvious nods to early upbeat Beatles material after a brief keyboard introduction. The bottom line is that anyone looking for songs that will bring cheer and happiness to their day should check these out, post haste. Just don’t blame me when all three come unbidden into your head and you’re forced to sing along.” – Penfold, The Ripple Effect

BMF Review: Dan Miraldi ‘Tease’ [EP]

[Dan Miraldi] writes pop songs that have a garage rock vibe. I hope "Tease" is a prelude to a full-length record because it surely whets the appetite. The three energetic songs play to his strengths and deliver a memorable hook while flaunting his fondness for alternative and indie rock. The title track and "The Holy Roller Stone Revival" are my favorites, but the laid back "Lucinda" provides a nice break between the two. I recommend Miraldi if you like Material Issue, Posies, and The Knack. – Bill Sullivan, BMF

MusicZeitgeist.com: “Dan Miraldi brings the raw back to rawk and all is well”

“There is real song writing, playing, melody writing. In other words, all of the suspicions and wariness fade away after ten seconds, presumably as long as it takes to dissolve the jadedness and cynicism, and then you find your head stuck deep inside the speaker cone, wanting to rock the f*** out with some seriously catchy, smacking Rock’n'Roll from some young’uns still full of piss and vinegar from the Rock’n'Roll capital of the world. I won’t bother to start pulling out lazy comparisons like Ramones, Stooges or *gasp* Strokes, (s*** sometimes it suggests the best of Phoenix, or even even stranger – Bowie, Smiths or Queen) because they are only similar in energy and catchiness. In fact, within four or five songs, you will hear all manner of styles, not only three-chord rock, whose only constant is Miraldi’s charismatic voice which quivers and wobbles with intention, and generally just great songwriting. A promising act to keep your ears on.” – Ighuaran, Editor-In-Chief, MusicZeitgeist.com

Buzz Bin Magazine: “Dan Miraldi: Tease”

“Dan Miraldi, the NE Ohio-based musician whose candy-sweet pop songs are underpinned with decades of American rock history, recently released Tease, a new three-song solo EP. It’s easy to think of Tease as a kind of appetizer for Miraldi’s future releases: The three songs- “Lucinda”, “The Holy Roller Stone Revival” and the title track- demonstrate a broad range of musical talents and lyrical subjects, and provide a provoking sampling of what Miraldi is capable of.” – Molly Lehman, Buzz Bin Magazine


"[Dan Miraldi is] a recent college grad who has been a part of the Cleveland music scene since high school. Watch out for this guy, this CD is really good, at times he sounds like a 70’s folk rocker, other times like a young Elvis Costello." - Greg Cielic, CoolCleveland.com

Buzz Bin Magazine

"It’s hard for any contemporary band to operate outside the influence of the Sixties, one of the most musically revolutionary periods of the century—and Dan Miraldi, a Northeast Ohio native who recently released Thirsty, his debut album, is no exception. ... the idealism of the decade also styles the way Miraldi positions himself as a singer and, ultimately, how his music affects those who’re listening...“I try to make my music joyful,” says Miraldi. Maybe it won’t solve any traffic jams, but the album does make you feel good. ... it is still joy that pervades regardless of the song Miraldi’s singing—joy of music, and of the possibilities it presents. The diverse range of genres and artists he emulates is proof in itself. It’s Dan’s enthusiasm, perhaps, that’s the most appealing element of Thirsty—the joy that makes you want to find out what thrills him so genuinely. Thirsty is available on Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby." – Molly Lehman, Buzz Bin Magazine

The Wooster Voice "Dan Miraldi’s “Thirsty” gives rock a fresh, high-energy sound"

"His new album, “Thirsty,” is available for download on iTunes, and it’s more than worth the ten bucks. “Fun” is probably the best word to describe the album — it made me want to sing along and maybe dance a little. Overall, I’d call it a pretty solid debut, and I hope there is more to come from this up-and-coming Wooster star." – Nathan Comstock, The Wooster Voice Staff

Black Squirrel Radio

"Dan Miraldi's music encompasses a sound we've been searching for for some time now . . . a sound that's uniquely his own and has been missing from modern music recently. With light melodies and passionate lyrics, Dan Miraldi never ceases to leave the listener satisfied. A must-listen for sure." - Gabz Ciofani, General Manager of Black Squirrel Radio.

Cleveland Scene Magazine

"'I'm just a pretty face you drag all over the place,' sneers singer-guitarist Dan Miraldi on "Sex Symbol," the opening track on his new album. It's a start to an appealing record, as Miraldi alternately channels the Stooges on the ghoulish "Premonition" and Buddy Holly on the retro-sounding "More and More."... the guy is a sharp enough singer and frontman to make even the simple stuff work well." - Jeff Niesel, Music Editor