The Jim Ivins Band Return With New EP

This month, the Virginia-based Jim Ivins Band released their new EP Everything We Wanted. It’s an 8-song collection of very accessible acoustic-driven pop-rock tunes reminiscent of a blend between the Goo Goo Dolls, John Mayer’s Room For Squares and Sherwood’s A Different Light. Although a few of these songs such as “Run” and “Rollercoaster” appeared on Ivins' 2007 solo album 99 Cent Dreams, the versions on Everything We Wanted sound more polished. Overall, the EP's production is great and the songs are filled with hooks that explode into large radio-ready choruses. Highlights are the title track as well as the openers “Run” and “The Sight of Fire”. The lyrics are heartfelt without being sappy, in “The Sight of Fire” Ivins sings: “You burn your bridges, because you like the sight of fire” – who hasn’t met that person? Anyway, Everything We Wanted is a very likeable record ideal for a long drive on sunny day.

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