Tegan and Sara’s Full-On Pop Catharsis

Tegan and Sara are back. It’s been a process, but they have successfully reinvented themselves once again. The two started out as an acoustic duo, but by the time they released 2009’s Sainthood, the sisters had successfully transformed into an indie rock outfit. With their brand new album, Heartthrob, Tegan and Sara have gone full-on pop. Don’t worry; it is glorious! The new album sits comfortably next to earlier masterpieces So Jealous and The Con. This is because with Heartthrob, the music still carries the emotional catharsis that makes Tegan and Sara songs Tegan and Sara songs. However, now you can dance to them!

Heartthrob is a consistently solid record and should be enjoyed in its entirety. The crown jewel is the opening track, “Closer”. It is very fun and dance floor friendly. Imagine the catchiness and shiny production of a Katy Perry tune mixed with lyrics of substance and top-notch songwriting. The duo has always known how to hit listeners in the gut. Throughout their career, break-up songs have always been Tegan and Sara’s bread and butter and there are a number of good ones on Heartthrob such as: “Shock To Your System”, “How Come You Don’t Want Me” and “I’m Not Your Hero”. With Heartthrob, the intensity is still present, but the poppy production enables everything comes through a little shinier and sweeter.

Essential tracks: “Closer”, “How Come You Don’t Want Me” and “I’m Not Your Hero”

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