She & Him's Bland Volume III

Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward had something special when they put out She & Him Volume I. It was a nice chill sixties throwback record that combined Dusty Springfield-style vocals with Brian Wilson influenced harmony arrangements. She & Him also enabled Deschanel an opportunity to strut her musical talents outside of the occasional song in films like Yes Man and Elf.

Five years later and after a Volume II and a Christmas record, She & Him now have released Volume III. On Volume III, the recipe hasn't changed much. It is a pleasant enough record, but as with a number of franchises, by the time the third installment rolls around, some things have turned a little stale. Overall, the material isn't as compelling or as inspired as what was on Volumes I & II. There are strong moments with Deschanel originals like "I've Got Your Number, Son", "I Could've Been Your Girl" and "Snow Queen" as well as the duo's renditions of covers like "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" and "Sunday Girl". Then there the droughts of blandness: "London", "Baby" and "Together". In the end, Volume III is not a "bad record" more like a "meh record".  Volume III is better than nothing from this talented duo, however Ward and Deschanel can and have done better.

Essential tracks:

"I've Got Your Number, Son" "I Could've Been Your Girl" & "Sunday Girl"

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