Lou Doillon Debut Goes Places

French model and actress, Lou Doillon’s debut record, Places, comes out this coming Tuesday. (Because the Rolling Clone Blogazine is so freakin’ cool, I was supplied with an advanced copy.) Places is a subdued record with some really great lyrics and songwriting. It is one of those albums that takes a second or third listen to get into, but on the whole is pretty darn good. Doillon’s voice is sweet and pleasing with an ever so slight bite to it. It goes well with the organic production: acoustic guitars, piano and understated horns. One can hear bits of Dido minus the electronics aspect as well as Adele, although Doillon’s voice is not as “big” as Adele’s.

The album opens with a song called “I.C.U.”, a cinematic love song describing how her mind plays tricks on her as she searches for her lost lover. She sees him everywhere, but he is not really there. It’s a good song and has Dylanesque aspects with its lyrical imagery. “Devil Or Angel” is another noteworthy song. The track is the first single and has definite adult contemporary radio potential. Most of Doillon’s songs are mid-tempo or slower ballads, so when she bumps the tempo up just a bit in “Questions And Answers” it is a nice change of pace. The song feels really good and is a definitely highlight. Other strong songs are the title track as well as “Make A Sound”. All in all, fans of chill singer-songwriters should definitely check out Lou Doillon’s debut. It’s quite good.

Essential tracks: “I.C.U.”, “Devil Or Angel” & “Questions And Answers”.

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