Gerard Way's Brit-pop Experiment

Gerard Way’s solo debut Hesitant Alien is an interesting experimental tribute to the Brit-pop of the 1990s and late-seventies Bowie.  From the instrumentation to the way the album is mixed, he definitely had a vision for what he wanted.  It is a big enough shift in sound that it is not unlikely that this will throw some My Chemical Romance fans for a loop on the first listen.  However, if you dig into the record, it becomes apparent that if some of these songs were given a more “commercial” mix they could have the poppy shimmer of Way’s former rock band.  For example, with a different mix, “Action Cat” could have worked on MCR’s Danger Days and “Brother” could have worked with The Black Parade.  The stand out track on the record is “Millions”.  The song blends power-pop and surfy-post-punk and is sure to get the mosh pit started. 
Essential Tracks: “Millions”, “Brothers” & “Drugstore Perfume”

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