Free Energy Bring It With New LP

 “I feel so boss – yeah! Making out with your lip stick gloss . . .” Be glad the world didn’t end in 2012, because then you would be denied the joy of Free Energy’s new album Love Sign. The Philly-based band’s sophomore record is a guaranteed good time loaded with huge sing-a-long hooks and a healthy amount of cowbell. Within Love Sign, one can hear the influences of classic rock acts such as T. Rex, the Cars and Thin Lizzy in the DNA of the music, but at the same time, the production is very current and brings a freshness to the music. “Electric Fever”, “Girls Want Rock” and “Hangin” (which is quoted at the beginning of this piece) are all ass-kicking power pop jams. However, the real jewel is the summery ballad “True Love”. It’s an understated love song that builds over 80s-style synths and cool programmed beats. The closer, “Time Rolls On” is another treat. It’s a mid-tempo song that drives under, hypnotic drum work, crunchy guitar and horn accents. All in all, Free Energy has made one of those fun pop-rock records that tastefully bottles youthful romanticism without letting nostalgia get the best of it.  Love Sign is an intoxicating reminder of summer nights where each one held its own potential for an epic adventure. So with that frame of mind, hop in your car, put the record on and let the good times roll!

Essential Tracks: “Electric Fever”, “True Love”, “Girls Want Rock”

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