Tequila Meets Gin

We walked down Saint Mark’s Place

You felt instantly familiar

You came from far away

And we’d had too much tequila

A little too much gin

Here we begin

The moon overhanging

Like a subtle grin

In the neon din 


You told me of another man

We were sharing a taxi

He had left you in Japan

But you stole his t-shirt 

Of his favorite band

Found another plan

As we poured one more tequila

Maybe another gin

Honey, let me in


So cheers to those nights

When we get it right

When we feel alive

For there - there’s no reason why

We lived before we died

I’m glad I met your light


We walked down Great Jones Street

You said I was overconfident 

But you were walking with me

And you were flying out tomorrow 

A great bird in the sky

You didn’t pass me by

With too much tequila

And a bit of gin

Oh let me in

Yeah, too much tequila

And a bit of gin

Honey, we begin


Written by Dan Miraldi

All Rights Reserved. (c) 2020 DM Experience This Music LLC