Postcards From New York City

I’m goin’ to London to clear my head

And get out of this busted bed

I sent you postcards from New York City

Vintage ones made in the sixties


I’m calling out this charade

And I’m flying to LA

Cuz maybe true love don’t last forever

Well I’m putting the band back together


Cuz bitter tears well they have dried

And I don’t ask you about other guys

Winter calls and I can’t complain

I’ll keep it kind and I’ll keep it vague


But oh my girl, you weigh heavy on my mind

Oh my girl, before time can pass me by

As I pour me another whiskey

I ain’t asking if you miss me

No love letters

Or for your pity

Just sending a postcard

Sending a postcard from New York City


We may text, but we don’t speak

I’ve got a new girl every other week

I live on expired infatuation

And love’s pension for exaggeration


If this is the last year of my youth

I’m goin’ big and I’m tellin’ the truth like how I 

Need a good girl who won’t try to fix me

When I’m back in New York City


And you will remember me as I walk away

I just needed to take the time to say what I got to say

No reason to hold it back

No reason for us to bleed

Just putting it down in a postcard

I’m hoping you will read


Written by Dan Miraldi.

All Rights Reserved. (c) 2018 DM Experience This Music LLC