Foxy Shazam Takes You To Church!

Holy crap! Did someone resurrect Freddy Mercury? No, that’s just the sound of Eric Nally, the charismatic lead vocalist of Foxy Shazam – the band that just unleashed an excellent brand new LP The Church of Rock and Roll produced by the Darkness’s Justin Hawkins. The record borrows from 80s pop-rock and 70s glam and tastefully adapts them into a modern setting. The album opens with a virtual rock and roll blitzkrieg going from the epic head-banging opener “Welcome to the Church of Rock and Roll” into their super-catchy single “I Like It” with this its sassy chorus of “that’s the biggest black ass I’ve ever seen and I like it” following that with the Queentastic “Holy Touch” and Pat Benatarish “Last Chance at Love”! The pace slows with “Forever Together” and “(It’s) Too Late Baby” allowing listeners to catch their collective breaths, before they are hit with another barrage of glamtastic awesomeness that includes highlights like “I Wanna Be Yours”, “Wasted Feelings”, “The Temple” and the funky “The Streets” and closes with the power ballad “Freedom”.

The Church of Rock and Roll
is ambitious album that delivers the goods. From front to back it’s one fun good time. Foxy Shazam have arrived and on behalf of the Rolling Clone Blogazine, I like it.

Essential tracks are “I Like It”, “Holy Touch”, “Last Chance at Love” “Wasted Feelings” and “I Wanna Be Yours”. (Yes, I know it’s half of the album.)

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