Blink-182 Are Back With Their New Single "Up All Night"


One day Blink-182 will be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There, I said it. Haters be damned, you know that they deserve it! Along with Green Day, they brought about the punk-pop movement and released a string of hit singles and classic albums, inspiring countless kids to pick up guitars and start bands.

This past Friday, Blink-182 released their first new single since 2005. The song “Up All Night” picks up where the band left off with their last full-length 2003’s Blink-182. The song has a “Down” meets “Anthem Part 2” vibe. It opens with some spacey drums before a heavy rock riff kicks in. Duel lead singers, Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus, then trade lines back and forth on the verse. It is so nice to here those voices together again, especially when they harmonize in the chorus on: “And all these demons, keep me up all night.” So good, that listeners might even forgive Tom for recycling the chorus melody line from his Angel’s and Airwaves song “Do It For Me Now” in “Up All Night’s” pre-chorus. Woops! “Up All Night” won’t go down as Blink’s greatest song, but the song is strong and shows that this veteran band is still growing musically. In the end, it’s good to have them back! Here at the Rolling Clone Blogazine, we can’t wait to hear the full-length album!

You can stream “Up All Night” on Blink-182’s official website.

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