Every Day of the Week

She could take or leave me and she don’t understand

I am at her command

She speaks in colors - shades so diverse

My head spins in reverse

In reverse


Sick summer sadness how could she know

As I am watching her go

Fall back together in a sped up refrain

She can play any the game – any game


And I'm falling for her fast I'm falling for her

I know it won’t last I'm falling for her

Every day of the week

The memory plays on repeat


And in that moment she tastes so refined

Fresh fruit off the vine

Curse like a child who never is heard

I take her at her word – at her word


See the river running water

It isn’t soothing just gets hotter

I come untied and I would give anything

Anything to stay


Every day of the week

Every day of the week


Words & Music by Dan Miraldi (c) (p) 2017 
All Rights Reserved. DM Experience This Music LLC