Weezer Makes Things Right

Weezer have never put out a “bad” album.  The music was always pleasant enough, but their more recent albums can be criticized for lacking the emotional depth that made their earlier work so compelling.  This month, Weezer released Everything Will Be Alright In The End and it is a true return to form.  It is clear that lead singer and songwriter Rivers Cuomo really wanted to deliver on this one.  He dug deep lyrically and, along with his band mates, came through big time.  “Back To The Shack”, “Lonely Girl”, “Da Vinci” and “The British Are Coming” are the clear standouts.  Sonically, they reflect the sound of the band’s 1990s work, but at the same time it is not a total rehash.  All in all, this is a delightful record that is sure to be one of this year’s bests. 
Essential tracks: “Back To The Shack”, “Da Vinci” & “The British Are Coming”

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