Eleanor Friedberger Hits New Heights on Personal Record

Personal Record
is the fabulous new album from Eleanor Friedberger. With the help of collaborator Wesley Stace (A.K.A. John Wesley Harding), Friedberger has crafted a rich collection of great songs with great lyrics. Each song tells a story and contains a treasure-trove of sharp and beautiful imagery. It is sometimes difficult to find artists who have both strong pop sensibilities as well as rich lyrical content. Friedberger manages to capture both well. Prime examples are the punchy single, “Stare at the Sun” as well as, “She’s a Mirror” and “When I Knew”. If I were to sum up Personal Record’s sound, it would be: an indie-pop-rock version of 1970s Van Morrison and Dylan with flashes of Patti Smith and the Strokes. It’s a tall order, but Friedberger has definitely made one of the year’s best records.

Essential tracks: “When I Knew”, “Stare at the Sun” & “She’s a Mirror”.

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