5 Under-rated Bowie Deep Cuts

I have not felt this bad about a legend passing since Lou Reed left us.  Today I have had nothing, but David Bowie on my mind.  I’ve eulogized about him on Facebook and been listening to him constantly on Spotify today.  Here are five Bowie deep tracks that you should check out as you explore his rich and inspiring catalogue.  I’ve avoided tracks included on the greatest hits compilations Nothing Has Changed and Best of Bowie. I’ll go chronologically.  A Spotify playlist of the tracks can be accessed by clicking here
“And I Say To Myself” (1966) 
“And I Say To Myself” was one of Bowie’s early singles pre-Ziggy.  It’s now featured on the collection I Dig Everything the 1966 Pye Singles.  He had not quite yet found his voice as a songwriter when he recorded this, but this track is a delight.  It blends a little bit of Sam Cooke with the Beatle-tinged tones of the British Invasion.  
“Queen Bitch” (1971) 
This gem is tucked towards the end of Hunky Dory.  It’s got bite to it and shows Bowie’s movement towards glam-rock as well as the influence of Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. 
“TVC15” (1976) 
“TVC15” track comes from Bowie’s Thin White Duke era and is featured on the funk-infused Station to Station album.  It’s a great dance track that shows that Bowie was far beyond glam and finding new sounds. 
“Cactus” (2002) 
This Pixies cover is off of Heathen.  It’s got a groove and Bowie’s vocal is compelling delivered.  Just great.  
“Never Get Old” (2003) 
“Never Get Old,” from Reality, was played regularly on his 2003-2004 final tour.  Its energy and fight are a testament that Bowie will never get old or be forgotten.  His legacy is secure and his music makes him immortal.
There are many more great songs for you to find on your own.  Hopefully this gets you started and looking beyond the “hits.” 

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